Remove and uninstall Ask Toolbar

Ask.comFor many applications that can be downloaded from the Internet, the Ask toolbar is automatically installed. However, there are always people who don't need the functions of this toolbar at all and who like to use the valuable space on the screen and especially in the internet browser for other things. Fortunately, there is a tool that can be used to remove toolbar.

Background to the Ask Toolbar

The service provides the appropriate answers to entered questions in whole sentences. Initially, fixed pairs of questions and answers were planned, which were prepared for requests. Later on, an algorithmic integration with the Teoma search technology was developed at Rutgers University in New Jersey. This should be able to answer questions with the help of documents on the Internet. In the meantime, however, the old question-answer form is used again. The software with the toolbar has been automatically installed in many applications available on the Internet. Since there is no way for users to prevent the installation of when installing other applications, there has been some resentment. In the meantime, Microsoft has even classified older versions of the Ask toolbar as malware. These versions have restricted or changed the choice of search providers. With the current version, however, this does not happen any more.

Uninstalling and Removing the Ask Toolbar

Since many users do not want this software on their computer, there are possibilities to remove the software from the computer. Users should take the following steps:

  • Download the removal software
  • Decompress the compressed zip file
  • Execute the EXE file
  • Press the "Execute Removal" button

If you have carried out these steps, the Ask-Toolbar will be removed by the normal uninstallation. The default home page is then back to "Google" as normal. The user can then use his or her computer again as usual and no longer receives the unnecessary Ask toolbar.


Many users do not need the forcibly installed Ask-Toolbar and find it annoying. This can be remedied by a toolbar removal program. This means that the user receives his or her standard search engine Google again and can move around the Internet as usual.

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