Preview of Firefox 8

Firefox: Nightly-, Aurora- and Beta-ChannelIn early November the 8th major release of Firefox will appear. Really "major" changes are not included, but i will give an outlook on the changes that will probably be included in Firefox 8. First you need to know that the jump from version 4 to 8 was smaller than from 3.6 to 4. The need to always install the latest release, is not mandatory. Especially in recent times Firefox had problems with old add-ons. Surfing with Firefox 4 and 5 can have many supposedly "outdated" add-ons continue to use. But now the preview of Firefox 8th.

As announced in a blog post, if there are installed third-party Add-ons, they are only working in the future, when a user release them by hand. Therefore, care should be taken during an upgrade, that all checkboxes are checked for the add-ons that you want to continue using.

In addition to this change, there are still a couple of mini-updates regarding the search. So shall the Twitter search integration be included. So you can then search through the Firefox search box for hashtags and Twitter users. This function is certainly not groundbreaking, and the most trivial tweets on Twitter are not particularly exciting.

As a further improvement, the tabs are now displayed animated when they move or moves to a new window. Whether such a feature is really needed, is also an open question. The only real improvement in Firefox 8 is the acceleration of loading old tabs. If you close the browser and Firefox will be restarted again, then Firefox will only load the active tab completely. The other tabs are loaded only when needed.

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