Firefox 10 is available

firefoxNow the 10th Version of the Firefox browser is available in the final version. The list of changes compared to the previous version can be quite impressive. Although the release of Firefox 9 was only a few weeks ago, in this short time Mozilla worked hard on the new Firefox 10. As has been written here at Foxload in October of last year, Mozilla has made changes in compatibility testing of add-ons. In the new version old add-ons are compatible by default and can be reused.

Apart from this important change, there were other adjustments. In future the forward button will not appear until the back button has been pressed. Also on the technical site, a lot has changed. Thus, for WebGL finally implemented the anti-aliasing, which should give browser-based applications an even higher graphic experience. Also the CSS3 property "3D Transforms" is now supported. With the "Full Screen API" developers can now build web applications that can be displayed in full screen mode.

However, there are still some unsolved problems. Thus, the new two-digit version number cause problems on a small number of websites. Likewise, Firefox will crash when you try to run the browser with a locked profile. However, the problems for most users are negligibly small. To enjoy the new Firefox 10, here is the download to start.

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