Firefox 11: Page Inspector 3D and Sync of Add-ons

firefoxWith a little delay Firefox 11 is published in the final version now. Substantial changes in the 11th Version of the browser is the Page Inspector 3D and the new synchronization option for add-ons. The Page Inspector was already available in the previous version, Firefox 10, now this tool has gotten a 3D view and the Page Inspector 3D is now fully integrated into Firefox 11. The Page Inspector is now a serious competitor to Firebug. With Firefox Sync there was already the possibility to synchronize bookmarks, settings and the browser history on several devices. With Firefox 11 you can now synchronize add-ons, so you do not have to re-install the add-ons, if you want to install Firefox on a new device.

Page Inspector 3D

Impressive, of course, is the new Page Inspector 3D, which can be started over the menu item "Web Developer -> Inspect". Then you have to click the button "3D (M)", which is located in the lower right corner, then you get into the 3D mode. There you can rotate the website, zoom with the mouse wheel and inspect the items displayed.

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