Firefox 12 Download: Final version available

firefoxIf you want to navigate through the Internet, of course, you require a web browser. Windows and Mac users has their own browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Safari, but they are not really convincing. For several years, therefore, a free open source browser has a consistently rising demand. The Mozilla Firefox web browser has become more popular from year to year, which is mainly due to the ease of use and of course due to the high performance rate. But there is still room for improvements, Mozilla is trying to demonstrate this with the 12th final version of Firefox, which is now available on the download servers of Mozilla.

Take advantage of it can not just Windows users, since the browser can be installed on Mac OS X and Linux. The most important innovations was done on the Mozilla Update Manager. It downloads, instals and manages updates silently without user consent. Of course, this convenience function can be deselected during installation or later. Minor problems are likely to occur when using Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Here, unfortunately, still lacks the support for full screen view of several websites. But with tools like SIMBL or Maximizer plugin, this problem can be fixed quickly.

More important than additional functions for the end user, however, is the pace of the new open source browser. Even the earlier versions were known for speed and Firefox 12 confirms this. It starts much faster and also several benchmark results suggest that a worthwhile update to the latest Firefox may well. Also mentioned form Mozilla, they have reduced resource consumption. The free browser can already be downloaded and used, there are further improvements in occupational safety and speed expected to be submitted probably in the second half of this year. Roughly speaking, the "new" Firefox browser is on the best way to get back to the status as the undisputed number 1 in the browser segment, because in recent years, the Google Chrome browser got even more popular.


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