New garbage collection in Firefox 16

firefoxThe new Firefox has some improvements for developers, because he now has a new developer toolbar feature, located at the bottom edge of the browser. When activated, it allows the user using Shift+F2 or via the menu to access all developer tools, Firefox has to offer. In addition, a new command line is included to ensure that the individual tools can be directly controlled. Various elements such as titles or consoles can be viewed with a simple click. Furthermore, the possibilities are open, catch directly to view and inspect specific items. Thus edited CSS, adjust window in size and you can also access cookies. Even the integrated debugger and the 3D view can be controlled easily.

The garbage collection of the web browser has been upgraded also. Since the memory from tab to tab continue to increase and it can easily happen that if 100 tabs are open at the same time, the browser crashes. The memory calculation is of course an essential part of using the web browser. The in Firefox 16 newly integrated incremental garbage collection ensures that every time the memory is gone through, only a small amount of space have to be searched. This will frequently indeed "dropouts" to occur, but still no more than 20 ms, instead of the possible 500 ms before, and they are imperceptible to the user so.

Time distribution of incremental garbage collection

Also there is a Firefox update for Android systems. But again, only in a beta version. It guarantees a new reading mode, bigger images, the display of a site without annoying ads, as well as the possibility to increase the font size. Through the Share Button you can also share content via Bluetooth, SMS and E-Mail. The mobile version of Firefox also has the incremental garbage collection.

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