Preview of Firefox 5

The last major release of Firefox is only a few weeks old and it is already time to take a look at the upcoming version of Firefox. Mozilla wants to launch new releases in shorter time intervals. On the end of June there shall be already Firefox 5. In the current release there is no greater development, there will be only security updates and fixes for stability problems. The main new features in Firefox will follow in version 5.

But we should not expect too large jumps. To the end of June there are only 2 months left and in the current Aurora trial, only a few changes are mentioned. Optically there has almost nothing changed. There have been some performance improvements. In the internet were already some mock-ups to the fitted surface of Firefox 5, but it is still not implemented.

Mock-up of Firefox 5

The browser should be more "social", i.e. integration of Facebook and Twitter should take place centrally in the browser. The users should be able to "share" sites more easily. Similarly, relevant websites are given their own menu. So you could get a faster access to functions of frequently visited sites. Whether these changes are already implemented in Firefox 5 remains to be open.

Other changes will arise with the home button. This should be omitted entirely and replaced by a home app-tab. In this tab, the most important information is summarized in a page. In addition to these optical adjustments there also should be new functionally like an internal preview for PDF documents. Until the final version of Firefox 5 is released users should continue surfig with Firefox 4. The current Firefox Download is available here.


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